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When a child does not get enough sleep they are unable to regulate emotion and they lack concentration and memory consolidation.

Children may present with behaviour that may be challenging, due to lack of sleep.

Sleep impacts health in many ways, and is essential for children as during sleep is when growth hormone is released and the immune system regenerates.

Sleep fights infections and impacts response to vaccines.

Every parent knows that when a child does not get enough sleep they will be in for a difficult day, the child will be overtired, irritable and generally unable to tolerate any demands placed upon them.

Regular bedtime routines and boundary setting by parents usually works for children but sometimes this can be difficult to maintain and can spiral out of control, so the help of a sleep practitioner can
often be needed.

I am an accredited Paediatric Sleep Practitioner and work collaboratively with families to assess and implement sleep management plans.

Children’s sleep management plans consist of information gathering of sleep diaries and a questionnaire about your child’s present needs and routines.


This is followed by a meeting online with myself to discuss the information gathered.  A sleep management plan will then be devised in collaboration with the parent(s).   Follow up appointments by telephone or online will commence.  In general this process should take up to 4 sessions but further consultation can be arranged if required.


Success of a sleep management plan depends greatly on parent participation but is followed by restful sleep for both child and family.

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