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'We approached Justine for help with our child's sleep as we were struggling and had been trying many different things suggested by the Internet, none of which were working. Justine struck a beautiful balance between reassuring us that we weren't being overreactive in wanting to address the issue while also letting us know that our situation was reasonably normal and temporary.'


Parent of 1 yr old baby - Cork

'working with Justine felt safe, she has a professional manner, and good knowledge of her work'

Anon Adult  - Cork

'Ability to focus on ones own sleep.  Receiving sleep information, Receiving a differing impartial viewpoint from my own perceptions.  The trust and comfort levels with the CBT provider'

Anon  Adult - Galway

'Justine has helped me so much in the last 2 years. My daughter has sleep onset association disorder, night waking/ early morning awakening and was also diagnosed with autism which greatly affects sleep due to the insufficient melatonin.. I had a consultation with Justine, she was very understanding, informative and sympathetic to my situation. She analysed my daughters sleep patterns and formed a sleep management plan for both short and long term goals. Once the methods were implemented we saw huge gradual improvement. My daughter was going to sleep at a more reasonable hour, sleeping for longer periods of time and more recently has started sleeping through the night without disruption. I couldn’t recommend Justine highly enough, her expertise in sleep is second to none and I am very thankful for her help'

Parent of 3yr old child  -  West Cork

I reached out to Justine through a friend as we were in dire straits! My partner works shift and I also work full time in a new role on return from maternity leave. Our little girl(17mts) has been a persistent poor sleeper since birth but I attributed alot to age/developmental stages/illnesses...the list goes on. But we came to realise we just couldn't function and neither could she. She was awake 2-3 times a night, sometimes last for hours. I was on the verge of a breakdown!

Justine came on board and was kind, empathetic, non judgemental and listened to how we operate as a family. She was realistic in the changes that needed to be made but worked with us to tailor it to suit our needs. The follow up has been great and I'm happy say we now get an unbroken nights sleep!! I would definitely recommend Justine to anyone looking help, you've definitely come to the right place.       

Parent of 17month old child - West Cork


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